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Villa Park Trucking has an array of equipment in order to service your hauling needs. We have separated our equipment into five different divisions: Dry Freight, Refrigerated Cargo, Tankers, End Dumps, and Flat Bed Agriculture Loads. All of our trailers are equipped with the proper load securing devices before they arrive to haul your load.

Dry Freight

For your Dry Freight hauling needs, we operate 53 foot curtain trailers, 28 foot curtain trailer doubles, 53 foot Hi Cubes, 53 foot flatbeds and 28’6 foot flatbed doubles.

Refrigerated Loads

This division contains all of our Air Resources Board certified 53 foot Air Ride reefers. Anything that must be transported under climate control is within our hauling capabilities.


Our Tankers division hosts some of our sharpest looking equipment. All of our tankers are food grade only units. This division can satisfy any of your bulk food grade needs.

End Dumps

Our End Dumps are water tight and are useful in hauling any loads where water tight trailers are a necessity such as citrus peel for dairy feed. Our End Dumps are also capable of hauling sand, dirt, and gravel.

Flat Bed Agricultural Loads

Within this division we have 24 foot flatbed trailers, 24 foot bulk trailers, 28 foot flatbed trailers as well as longer flatbed trailers. We also have speciality equipment including hoppers and custom sized flatbed trailers.

Full-Service Shops

In addition to our multitude of trailers and trucks, VPT also contains two full service shops. Our shops are utilized to keep our trucks and trailers on the road. Keeping our equipment running requires a full time shop staff, a performance of regular services on tractors and trailers, making repairs whenever necessary on any piece of equipment and having roadside capabilities in both locations.


We are a growing company with positions open for drivers, subhaulers, administration and mechanics!

Contact us today with any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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